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Innovative 4G RAN Solutions

Innovative 4G RAN Solutions

Airspan's AirRAN products are one of the most comprehensive portfolios of products and solutions in the wireless industry today.
Airspan's LTE AirRAN product range comprises of indoor and outdoor pico and micro base stations, indoor and outdoor user devices, virtualization platforms and complementing core network products. In addition, Airspan has several products integrating Wi-Fi, backhaul and fronthaul and VoLTE, VoWiFi and VoIP technologies.
Our products have been developed with the future in mind. Thanks to the advance technologies built into our products, customers can deploy their networks with the confidence that they are receiving a robust, reliable and cost-effective system.
Airspan's new suite of AirRAN LTE Radio Access Network (RAN) base stations ensures that carriers can extend their LTE services to new customers and improve connectivity to existing customers, increasing revenues while saving on operating and capital expenses.
Airspan offers hybrid platform solutions - Both Air4G and AirSynergy operate 4G, LTE and WiMAX, which can be combined to create a Heterogeneous Network (HetNet), to maximize capacity. These pioneering products meet the connectivity needs of carriers as well as vertical markets such as smart grids, transportation and public safety.

AirVelocity: High Performance Indoor LTE Small Cell

AirVelocity is a revolutionary indoor, high performance, high power, LTE-Advanced small cell, designed to bring Public Access LTE networks to indoor spaces like enterprises, large public spaces and stadiums. AirVelocity has advanced Release 10 feature sets that include support for SON and eICIC which enables N=1 frequency re-use with outdoor Macro and Pico cells. AirVelocity can be deployed using enterprise broadband connections or with an optional integrated LTE UE Relay wireless backhaul solution that has cooperative QoS to ensure the Quality of Experience (QoE) inside of the enterprise matches the QoE on the outdoor Macro cell network.
4th generation mobile cellular networks have different problems than previous 2G and 3G networks. 4G LTE mobile networks are full of hotspots where large numbers of users make demands for mobile data that Macro-only networks are failing to provide. AirVelocity is designed to solve this “Hotspot” issue by bringing cost effective LTE-Advanced Public Access into the enterprise and large public spaces.
AirVelocity supports standardised 3GPP LTE access technologies and is interoperable with a large number of third-party vendor equipment. It has interoperable S1 and X2 interfaces, and fully supports commercial GCF tested UE devices, including SmartPhones, Dongles and Tablets.

AirVelocity uniquely provides a solution for the delivery of “trusted” high capacity wireless backhaul to the enterprise using Airspan’s iBridge UE Relay backhaul technology. iBridge UE Relay is a 3GPP Relay solution that works with existing Release 8/9 Macro infrastructure. It is a self-connecting point-to-multipoint backhaul solution, which automatically extends the reach of the Macro RAN backhaul network from existing Macro cell sites or other Points of Interconnect (POI). AirVelocity UE Relay also provide high quality synchronization assisting the integrated GPS received with A-GPS measurement from the LTE Macro network. This ensures that both frequency re-use and handover works seamlessly with the Macro LTE-Advanced network
The high performance and high power LTE-Advanced radio interface of AirVelocity means that in most cases a single unit can provide coverage for a large building or even multiple buildings in a campus. AirVelocity provides public access LTE services to greater 100 users per eNodeB and networks or clusters of AirVelocity eNodes can deliver LTE capacity and coverage to the most densely populated deployment scenario.
AirVelocity wall mounted small cell(s) can be installed quickly into large enterprises, either as a single node or as a cluster of nodes. When deployed in clusters, the nodes are networked together using Gigabit ethernet links, or Fiber interfaces using the integrated SFP. The AirVelocity can be deployed using an integrated isotropic omni antenna, or with separate antennas via 2 RF connectors.
AirSynergy: Outdoor Urban Small Cell with Integrated Wireless Backhaul

AirSynergy 2000 is an all-in-one compact Outdoor Urban Small Cell, which supports a wide range of broadband wireless interfaces including LTE and LTE-Advanced and still supports legacy 802.16 access. AirSynergy is based on Airspan’s latest generation of baseband Software Defined Radio (SDR) which enables it to support Access and high capacity wireless backhaul from the same network node. The latest version of AirSynergy can provide higher transmit power up to 2x2W.New AirSynergy 2000
The integration of both backhaul and access technologies is an industry first, and redefines the way in which networks can be constructed. This technique enables AirSynergy 2000 to be deployed on existing street furniture (e.g. lamp posts and utility poles), with connections automatically established through neighboring nodes to establish a backhaul connection with the network. AirSynergy 1000 uses the backhaul to directly integrate in the carrier's transport network.
A key feature of the AirSynergy family technology is the ability to self-configure, self-connect, self-heal and self-optimize when deployed as a network of elements. These features comes from our AirSON technology. At the same time AirSynergy provides guaranteed levels of Quality of Experience (QoE) by implementing end to end QoS .

AirSynergy supports both 4G (LTE or IEEE 802.16 ) access technologies in addition to Airspan’s Intelligent Wireless Backhaul technology, iBridge. This unique small cell solution provides anytime, anywhere mobile access to broadband services at much higher capacity than is possible with 3G networks. Airspan’s LTE and LTE-Advanced solution is compliant with the the latest 3GPP standards and interoperable with commercial FDD & TDD UE devices and 3rd Party EPC's.

AirHarmony 1000, 2000 and 4000 - Power and Performance in a compact form-factor
AirHarmony 1000, 2000 and 4000 provides the outdoor Micro layer of a Heterogeneous LTE-Advanced network deployment (HetNet). Advanced Release 10 feature sets include support for SON and advanced interference mitigation techniques which enables N=1 frequency re-use with the Umbrella Macro cell. The cooperative QoS over the Backhaul interface ensures the Quality of Experience (QoE) from the Micro eNodeB matches the experience from the Macro cell.

As operators struggle to cope with growing customer demand for higher throughput, they are discovering that layering small base stations into a macro cell coverage area, enables a significant increase in network capacity by filling in coverage gaps and addressing actual traffic distribution where demand is highest. AirHarmony is ideal for these networks, delivering high data rates where needed most, whether at the macro cell edge or closer to the user base, maximizing coverage and customer satisfaction.

AirHarmony supports 3GPP LTE Broadband access technologies; Airspan’s 3GPP LTE implementation is compliant with the 3GPP standards and has interoperable S1 and X2 interfaces and supports commercial GCF tested UE devices, including SmartPhones, Dongles and Tablet computers.
AirHarmony uses a unique combination of Software Defined Radio (SDR) and System-on-a-Chip (SoC) technologies to enable it to support a range of air interfaces simultaneously.

AirHarmony also supports tight integration with iBridge, Airspan’s small cell backhaul product. AirHarmony plus iBridge creates a single install process for LTE Access and Backhaul, and enables our “Just add Power” plug and play deployment method saving deployment CAPEX and OPEX.

AirHarmony Micro Cells can be installed on traditional tower sites, or on existing street furniture (lamp posts or utility poles) which are either OPEX free, or have nominal on-going expenses, thus avoiding the recurring costs associated with a traditional Macro site acquisition. Front mount antenna can be painted to blend with the environment and fit the pole color. AirHarmony also requires a fraction of the power of a Macro base station, further reducing the OPEX, and allowing renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, to be used.

AirHarmony supports automated configuration from the management system, simplifying the installation of each base station. Full plug-and-play functionality, out-of-box to fully operational, within 20 minutes.
AirHarmony is a compact all-outdoor 3GPP LTE Micro Base Station, which can be installed without conventional indoor infrastructure and associated power and air-conditioning systems. The integration of wireless backhaul reduces the equipment installed per site, as separate backhaul infrastructure is not required. This in turn reduces spares holding and inventories. The iBridge backhaul supports self-healing, allowing the network to automatically recover in the event of failure. This increases overall service availability and customer satisfaction.

AirHarmony is designed to integrate with standardized LTE Access SON solutions. Airspan’s SON solution, called AirSON, is layered and consists of both integrated eNodeB SON technology and a standardized SON interface for centralized SON.
The products self-configure, self-connect, and self-optimize. In addition, unlike conventional mobile network planning and design, expansion of the coverage area can be optimized and adapted depending on the local need.

Air4G - Most powerful macro 4G LTE-Advanced base station

Exceeding the extremes in 4G LTE-Advanced - cost-efficient, innovative, compact, all-outdoor.
Airspan Networks is addressing a growing demand for 4G connectivity worldwide. The use of mobile broadband services is accelerating at exceptional rates with increased applications such as gaming, social networking and video for mobile devices. 4G, namely LTE-Advanced and WiMAX, enables users to carry the same user experience they have at home or in the office while they are on-the-go.
Airspan’s Air4G base station ensures the highest quality, capacity and range on a network while meeting the requirements of a wide variety of applications for carriers and operator as well as vertical markets such as smart utilities, transportation and public safety.
4G connectivity means that a user can enjoy bandwidth intensive applications while on the move – whether in a car or on a train. This works due to the network support for handoffs and roaming. Airspan solutions maintain a connection while the user moves across cell borders, essentially handing off the service from one base station to the next. Air4G operates in the 700 MHz up to the 6 GHz bands. Air4G has variants with two transmitters and four receivers as well as variants with four transmitters and four receivers. Air4G has TDD and FDD variants.

Air4G combines with the pico base station products, Air4Gp Freestyler and AirSynergy, to create comprehensive HetNets. The high-power, high-capacity, LTE-Advanced Air4G, maximizes on range and overall cell capacity. While the pico base stations fill in coverage gaps and increase capacity closer to the user. These HetNets ensure an optimal user experience with the highest data rates and fewest service interruptions.

Air4G offers LTE-Advanced network features including carrier aggregation and 1 Gbps capacity. With extremely low latency and fast handover, Air4G is ideal for LTE-Advanced deployments and HetNet support.

Air4G supports 4G LTE or 4G WiMAX access allowing customers to run either platform. Airspan’s LTE solution is compliant with the 3GPP standards and interoperable with commercial FDD & TDD UE devices. 4G WiMAX provides high speed broadband services at much higher capacity than is possible with 3G networks and allows for customized upload/download configuration, supporting upload-centric industrial applications such as CCTV camera surveillance.
With Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology, remote software upgrades from WiMAX to LTE are made quickly and easily, allowing for a seamless migration from WiMAX to LTE.

Air4G delivers extremely high capacity and coverage, redefining deployment and cost metrics. It is an all-outdoor base station supporting both 3GPP LTE and IEEE mobile WiMAX platforms. The product is an all-in-one, all-outdoor solution and is one of the smallest, most powerful macro cell solutions in the market. The Air4G size, performance and features maximize on investment and efficiency

The unique form factor of Air4G allows securing the investment of the operator and minimizes the OPEX and CAPEX. The all-in-one, all-outdoor design mitigates the need for a split architecture, additional housing or air conditioning. Additionally, Air4G has advanced capabilities such as MIMO and advanced Frequency Domain Scheduling. These capabilities enable higher throughput and capacity and better use of the spectrum. Air4G is interoperable with end devices of all form factors, based on all leading chips. It is also interoperable with various core network solutions.

Supports LTE-Advanced features with 1 Gbps capacity and carrier aggregation
Air4G supports both WiMAX and LTE in the same platform
All-outdoor, all-in-one, highly integrated, compact
Class leading spectral efficiency
High Performance radios deliver extended link budgets
Operates in wide variety of frequency bands
Quick, affordable, cost-effective deployment
Embedded radio or external Remote Radio Head (RRH) options