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Hybrid Power Systems

I. Operating principle:

The solar panel receives the solar energy and the wind turbine receives the wind energy. Electricity converted by wind energy and solar energy is stored in the batteries. The controller is switched on automatically and provides the electricity stored in the batteries to the LED lamp. The switching on and off of the LED lamp are also done automatically by the controller.
II. Component parts:

Solar panel, wind turbine, batteries, lamp pole, controller, LED lamp.
III. Features:

1. Energy saving and emission reduction: consume zero conventional energy, release no CO2, and zero pollution to the environment.
2. Economizing and environmental protection: clean energy, no pollution, no emission.
3. Stable functioning: working independently, not affected by massive blackout.
4. Great adaptability: free from seasons and weather, powering continuously at all seasons.
5. Long service life: the whole generator can be used more than 15 years.

Generator Part
The generator, wins 4 proprietary intellectual property rights. It is made of high-efficiency magnetic materials, special copper alloy, high-strength stainless steel and aeronautic aluminum alloys. With special materials, it features with higher efficiency and lighter weight than traditional generators.

Two SKF bearings, famous in the world with good quality and a long history, make sure the whole system in reliable, safe and steady operation status

Made of nylon, they receive wind energy and convert it into mechanical energy. Every 3 blades compose one set and pass balance test before delivery, so please don’t disorderly use

Wind-solar hybrid Controller
It integrates the functions of time control and light control. Users can set the time need for "on/off" according to actual demands and view the real-time operation status of the whole system from LCD display.

Mono-crystalline solar panel
High conversion efficiency based on leading innovative photovoltaic technologies
High stability with guaranteed+/-%3 power output tolerance, ensuring return on investment
Beautiful appearance
Withstands high wind-pressure and snow load

The characteristics of maintenance-free valve-regulated lead-acid batteries:
Patented structure
Excellent discharge recovery capability
Extremely low level resistance
Extremely low level self discharge rate
Not likely to rise high temperature during the charging period
Voltage recovery is faster after large current discharging
Shock resistance
Free maintenance
Working temperature is wider
Longer lifetime
Environment protection

The battery can be widely used for telecom station, off grid PV system and wind turbine system