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Home Turk (Turkey)

Home Turk

Concurrently with the new legislation of the law of reciprocity in Turkey enacted recently; we have expanded our service network by using our international trade experience for over than 20 years (from Balkan states, former Soviet republics to Middle East states); combined it with our construction knowledge and entered th real estate sector in 2012.

With our brand mark “Home-Turk”, we intend to give wide-ranging real estate consultancy to foreign clients and investors; make presentations of properties in all over Turkey, and proceed our construction activities.
Our service area involves;
Searching rental and sale properties according to the requests of our clients and offering them alternatives,
presenting real estate projects in Turkey, which we are authorized to rent and sell,
detecting beneficial land for investment.

Our firm participated in “THE Grup A.Ş. (inc.)” in 2014.